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Not unlike so many other vestiges of war that have infiltrated our cities and our landscape, remerging as uninvited guests, the WWII bunkers and fortifications — the largest one being the Atlantikwall - exhibit an incapacity and unwillingness to be absorbed or erased. They are shreds of a past that seems unable to find its own emotional functional and spatial location as result of a memory never elaborated upon and too often simply removed via functional renewal. The signs of armed conflict, in fact, are the backbones which cross and could also unify Europe, signs defining what is now called the "Conflict archaeological landscape". This book presents a rich and unique iconography and a selection of essays for the first time providing a new critical approach to the Atlantikwall, proposing its interpretation as one of the major Western military archaeological landscapes.

Michela Bassanelli, Gennaro Postiglione
L'Atlantikwall come Paesaggio di Archeologia Militare
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isbn 9788862420419
Fuori Collana
10 / 2011
10 / 2011
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