The materials collected in this book detail a pragmatic proposal for the redesign of the contemporary Italian city based on the most recent international experiences and provide an operational instrument for the “combined” and “adaptive” redevelopment (on a structural, typo-morphological, functional, performance, economic and social level) of housing districts. The experiments we carried out and their account define a detailed map of meditations and insights about areas of architectural work that are seldom explored in manuals, specifications, and the unavoidable reliance on the hybridization of knowledge in order to bring out the latent aspects that a single disciplinary approach cannot address. The book was produced by the Research Unit of the University of Brescia in the frame of the Scientific Research Project of National Interest (PRIN) New design tools for the sustainable redevelopment of social housing complex in Italy (national coordinator: Marina Montuori).

Barbara Angi
Eutopia Urbanscape
The combined redevelopment of social housing
isbn 9788862421904
6 / 2016
6 / 2016
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FAM Magazine del Festival dell'Architettura // 2018