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The development of the contemporary city implies a geographical dimension that translates into a new scenario for architectural survey and increases its potential and aesthetical devices. This is the beginning of a new chapter: the chapter of architecture-landscape. Landscape itself is the reference that can mutually transform the ontologies and languages of architecture. The monographic section of this Metamorfosi issue, curated by Gabriele De Giorgi, explores the principles of this new course and illustrates some results pertaining to the 2000-2015 period based on a key of evolutionary reading not only of the twentieth century Third Avant-Garde but also (in the spirit of contemporaneity) of past experiences of similar linguistic inspiration.

Gabriele De Giorgi
Metamorfosi 02
Architecture - Landscape
isbn 978886242
issn 1590-1394
9 / 2017
9 / 2017
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