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Language is our interface with the world, the way we understand it, think of, remember, transmit, and transform it. The accelerated times we are living in are thus witnessing a growing, pervasive role of storytelling at any level of social, political, and commercial communication. More than ever before, irremediably lost any authority of the forms, quickly consumed every new image, the discursive practices that produce and surround the project give architecture its meaning and support its action. This book collects some theoretical reflections and design experiments about the relationship between narrative and architecture, words and things, texts and images, linear organisations in time and three-dimensional settings in place. They intersect their own tools, means, and aims, in order to grasp a complex whole: building stories and telling spaces.

Giovanni Corbellini
Telling Spaces
isbn 9788862422703
6 / 2018
6 / 2018
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