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Together with the highlighting of the changing role of the architect in the transformation’s project, the current debate about architectural programs includes the difference between providing architectural education and to form practicing architects.

Providing architectural education means to develop skills and knowledge related to architectural cultures, such as spatial skills, technical and structural knowledge, social and political awareness, and team-working abilities; these skills are required and appreciated in many others fields related or not with the architectural and building sectors. On the other hand, to form practicing architects means to look closely at the skills and knowledge required by the building sector, specifically focusing on technical and management skills, being less concerned by the cultural dimension, critical spirit, and social engagement.

This yearbook shows the challenge undertaken by the Politecnico to form high-level practicing architects together with socially responsible and critical thinking versatile designers (in the broader sense of the term).

Michela Barosio
School of Architecture Yearbook #01
isbn 9788862423236
Yearbook Torino
9 / 2018
9 / 2018
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