A bilateral agreement between universities in March 2019, laid the groundwork for the invitation to a delegation of professors, PhD students and students of the University of Reggio Calabria to participate, as designers, in the International Urban Design Workshop 2019 “Urban Façade: Istanbul Waterfront”, organized in the Turkish headquarters. Participating in the same experience are the Italian schools of the project from the University of Parma, Rome La Sapienza, Federico II of Naples, the schools of restoration and design of the University of Florence, the departments of architecture of the University of Rotterdam and, of course, the host site. For a week, about eighty scholars, students, PhD students, teachers, without distinction of title and role, work on the development of an idea for a portion of the waterfront of Istanbul. The delegation of the dArTe, composed of three structured teachers (Giuseppe Arcidiacono, Alberto De Capua, Antonello Russo), two PhDs of the Departmental Research Doctorate in Architecture and Territory and seven students enrolled in the third year of the Master’s degree course in Architecture, propose, in concert with a group of Turkish students, an idea for the settlement of the historic center of Beyolu, district of Istanbul located in the northern part of the so-called Golden Horn, arm of the sea that separates the area of Galata from the Urban Center. The volume contains theoretical reflections and graphic results relating only to the project proposed by the team coordinated by the professors from Reggio Calabria. Testimony of an Italian action, it is ordered by a meditated listening of the places in which reading, appropriation, transcription sanction the preparatory actions for the production of a difference.

Antonello Russo
Reggio Calabria Istanbul
A project for Galata
isbn 9788862424035
Ricerche in composizione urbana
1 / 2020
1 / 2020