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150 years after the conquest of Rome and the end of the country’s unification process, we are in full health, social and economic shock as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In view of a probable anthropological revolution of the potentials, questions about Rome and its possible future are required. The widespread diffusion of digital technologies and the conscious adoption of smart working methods appear inevitable, as well as indifferent is the responsible control of the ecosystem for the sustainable and balanced development of the city. The next few years will be less and less characterized by new buildings and increasingly characterized by the transformation of the existing: reuse and reconversion, redevelopment and regeneration, will guarantee a wide range of design opportunities at the service of a complex and articulated strategy.

Metamorfosi 07
Rome: a possible future
isbn 9788862424479
issn 1590-1394
5 / 2020
5 / 2020
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