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The MIAW-Milan International Architecture Workshop is the international intensive programme at the Politecnico di Milano – School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering, that provides an international design forum for schools, teachers, and students, but it is also an informal platform to discuss issues and share ambitions that education implies. It aims to stimulate cross-over thinking between researchers and practitioners in the design field, involving different scales and encouraging an interdisciplinary approach towards design problems. The MIAW 2021 edition focused on the 2026 Winter Olympic Games Milano-Cortina. The workshop experimented with new design approaches to make the Olympic Games physically responsible, socially sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Corinna Del Bianco, Camillo Magni, Giulia Setti
MIAW 2021
2026 Olympic Games and the City
isbn 9788862425933
10 / 2021
10 / 2021
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