Milan Gender Atlas is part of the broader research Sex & the City, commissioned by Milano Urban Center. The project is triggered by the need to explore a field of investigation that intertwines urban studies and gender studies. This work aims to deconstruct Milan’s contemporary urban space through specific lenses of observation that allow us to read the responses the city is able to offer to the needs of women and gender minorities. The result is a theoretical and practical tool for planning environments that are more inclusive and attentive to the needs of the mul­tiple subjects and the different bodies that inhabit urban space.


Florencia Andreola, Azzurra Muzzonigro
Milan Gender Atlas
isbn 9788862425957
Fuori Collana
12 / 2021
12 / 2021
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«Il paesaggio urbano non tiene in conto l'universo femminile». Atlante di genere: la ricerca sugli spazi urbani di Florencia Andreola e Azzurra Muzzonigro