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If today we can tend to consider ourselves as equal inhabitants of the world, we owe it to that urban community scope that we know as Public Space. Although little cared for, almost unknown, perhaps wounded by the pandemic event that has shocked humanity, the Everyone’s Space is a place of inclusion, of encounter and confrontation, of diversity and surprise, which has welcomed us precisely when our residential interiors have manifested their spatial, economic and social limitations. This book, Milan Public Space. An in-progress atlas of everyone’s space, investigates the public space of Milan (a city that can be considered a paradigm of a vast panorama of international realities), proposing a description and mapping that is as accurate as possible and, above all, imagining a strategy for its future.


Chiara Quinzii, Diego Terna
Milan Public Space
An in-progress atlas of everyone’s space
isbn 9788862425964
Milano Urban Center
7 / 2022
12 / 2021
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