This is the fourth edition of the Architectural Design Yearbook from the Graduate Course in Architecture in Pescara, a project strongly supported by Francesco Garofalo. He defined its content and curated the editorial programme. Each year, since the 2013/2014 edition, the results of the architectural design workshops have been gathered in the Yearbook.
More than a collection of individual experiences developed by different professors, or a simple publication, it is above all a cultural project, an experiment intent on sharing results, comparing teaching methods and providing both professors and students physical evidence of the significant experiences in architectural design.

editors Domenico Potenza
Yearbook 2016/17 di Architectural Design
isbn 9788862423380
book series Yearbook Pescara
number 4
current edition 5 / 2019
first edition 5 / 2019
language Italian/English
size 16,7x22cm
pages 176
print color
binding paperback
copertina download
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