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The book, starting with chapters inspired by “key words” of the contemporary designing issue, expands themes concerning architectural project, with a special focus on technology. All the chapters often concern similar issues, and they propose matters which are linked and strongly dependent; they have been organized in a separate way for the sake of simplicity, and they have been put in the same order as they usually are exposed to students during lessons, starting from a theme to discuss, through the analysis of projects that I personally find useful for the theme itself, about the issue of the project, from its ideation to its construction. My aim is not just that of representing that ideal bridge that connects and links Architecture and “Technology”, usually called “Technological Architecture”, to highlight how project and construction are two indivisible moments of architecture itself. It’s meant to be a contribution to help reader conceive Architecture as a homogeneous process which, starting from the idea, grows into completed structure, building. It’s a book about project and architecture, which, starting from recurring themes, recommends few “built” solutions as an example, looking for the reasons and modalities. Projects introduced in the single chapters often represent other themes/chapters debated in the book, which, however, treats them as prime examples in one of them, with the aim of better arguing the reasons that subtend the same ones and the theme.

Maurizio Bradaschia
The construction of architecture
isbn 9788862421461
3 / 2015
3 / 2015
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