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The international debate on the modification of Chinese ruralities opens new theoretical and practical dimensions for architectural design. China’s rural lands, collectively owned by the peasantry, are under pressure. A dramatic socio-economic transition, an imponent political agenda, a land-use speculation process, an awakening of cultural values, and several other forces are reframing the conceptual and operative framework of the countryside’s transformation. Drawing on a fieldwork experience conducted in the Fujian Province, the book explores the Chinese countryside’s transient condition and its future implications.


Gerardo Semprebon
Rural Futures
Toward an Urban(ized) Peasantry in the Chinese Countryside

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isbn 9788862425452
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numero 4
edizione corrente 1 / 2022
prima edizione 1 / 2022
lingua Inglese
formato 12x16,5cm
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Gerardo Semprebon (1989), architect, holds a PhD from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a PhD from Politecnico di Milano, where currently works as Research Fellow at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies.


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