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A selection of the most interesting graphic projects for hospitality businesses of different sizes, from all over the world. Covering some of the most varied approaches to graphic design, from the photographic to the minimal, from line drawing to digital textures, from the artisan to the serial imprint. This selection does not pretend to be exhaustive, but tries to offer a glimpse into recent graphical productions.

a cura di Raffaello Buccheri, Martina Distefano, Francesco Trovato
Graphic design for Restaurants
a selection of contemporary restaurants designs
isbn 9788862425599
collana GD4
numero 2
edizione corrente 4 / 2022
prima edizione 4 / 2022
lingua Inglese
formato 16,7x24cm
pagine 160
stampa colore
rilegatura brossura
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Graphic design for restaurants, come cambia il mondo del food
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