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This volume presents the results of the Syracuse Summer Laboratory, an international design workshop entitled “Il Paesaggio dell’Archeologia, three occasions to make a city”, held in Syracuse from 29 September to 8 October 2012 and organized by S.D.S. of Architecture of the University of Catania. The focus of the seminar was the relationship between archaeological areas and contemporary city, a theme of great importance for the future of the city. Syracuse and its territory are an interesting case study due to the presence of extraordinary archaeological evidences, little appreciated and often excluded from contemporary urban life. The project areas were three, all located on the edge of the Acradina cliff, between the Eurialo Castle and the Greek Theater: the area of Neapolis and the Cemetery, the Villaggio Miano, the area between Tremilia and the Eurialo Castle.

Luigi Pellegrino
Il paesaggio dell'archeologia: Tre occasioni per fare città
Seminario Internazionale di Progettazione 29 Settembre-8 Ottobre 2012, Siracusa
isbn 9788862422963
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3 / 2018
3 / 2018
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