Told in the form of a cine-novel, this document compiles 20 years of my architectural practice and research. 32 projects from my current studio and collaborations with Blankpage, Roula Assaf, Danny Khoury and others are here presented in an order of thematic correspondences resembling more a screenplay than a classical architectural monograph. Re-written for this edition, the text reconnects all projects in one continuous narrative flow supporting the sequence of photographic moments, a medium here used exclusively in the absence of all other traditional modes of architectural representation. Some half of the projects actualize the successes of buildings completed and happily inhabited, the other remains future potential or aborted attempts now lost forever: the eternal story of the architectural adventure, the challenge of its uncertain path, its temporary pleasures and recurring wonders, its unfulfilled promises and unexpected successes. If often in this document I use the word ‘novel’, it is not to equate the art of architecture to the art of literature, but rather to insist on the importance of continuously looking at the lived experience of architecture in space and time as its core value (like in a novel), and the requirement for any art to always be new beyond the romantic nostalgia of a lost past or the fetishistic (quite often technological) celebration of the unknown future (the novel as in the new). All in all, it is once again the necessity to live poetically, humanely and naturally that this document attempts to manifest through my relentless passion for the architectural practice and my sentimental relationship with every site, every client, in every situation. Karim Nader

Karim Nader
For a Novel Architecture
ciné-roman 2000 - 2020
isbn 9788862424790
Alleli | Projects
12 / 2020
12 / 2020
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Arquitectura Viva no. 234