The complex meanings and design practices related to “sustainability” are the topics of this book.  What several issues, opportunities, roles, and concepts do sustainability must deal with? The different contributions offer a broad and interdisciplinary reflection of this idea from an ethical, social, and design point of view. They involve, at different scales, the new social and cultural models induced by the post-pandemic society and the possible forms of living that derive from it. 

With texts by: Mauro Baracco, Michela Bassanelli, Davide Fassi, Stefano Guidarini, Francesca La Rocca, Chiara Lionello, Donatella Pagliacci, Pierluigi Salvadeo.

Michela Bassanelli, Pierluigi Salvadeo
Towards a Sustainable Post Pandemic Society
isbn 9788862427814
7 / 2022
7 / 2022
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