Identify powerful features of the architecture of the present time seeking to illuminate hidden knowledge and processes through a few key concepts. The image: apparently, it seems so essential to understand today’s architecture but which, on closer analysis, turns out instead to be an absence, an unsolved problem, an enigma hidden behind a culture secretly afflicted by iconoclasm. Post-production and montage: so relevant in the avant-garde and now fixed as an indispensable but often hidden creative component. The parody: the hidden but almost always present humor that corrodes the immediate message of architecture and makes it more unstable and, above all, more interesting. Ornament: a component censored by Modernism that today is once again the protagonist in new guises. The relationship with the classic: a secret affair that remains as a founding root of Western architecture.

Alessandro Rocca
Totem and taboo in architectural imagination
isbn 9788862425919
3 / 2022
3 / 2022
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