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About us.

LetteraVentidue is one of the leading independent architecture and design publishers in Italy.

The publishing house was conceived in Sicily in 2007 thanks to the energy of a group of young architects who consider the book to be an essential tool for the dissemination of knowledge, as well as a timeless and elegant design object. Each book is finely tailored through constant communication between author and publisher regarding the content, graphic design, and editorial presentation.

In 10 years of business, LetteraVentidue has published around 250 books by Italian and international authors, and has recently begun to translate some of its best-selling titles into English.

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Reffaello Buccheri

Business partner. Architect. Graphic Designer.

Martina Distefano

Architect. Graphic designer. International account manager.

Corrado Cannata

Architect. Sales. Office Executive.