In the contemporary age, the city is increasingly seen as an experiential field. The new transformation

processes are asking architects to become more culturally aware and sensitive as well as to read,

interpret and implement the system of opportunities offered by the urban scenario. Participants to the Miaw workshop identify spaces in Milan that either have unexpressed potentialities either lost their characters, for several reasons. Leftovers which are marginalized and excluded from everyday life. From the smallest corner in the dense fabric to the large areas on the city borders, the Workshops worked to envision possible strategies of re-forming and revitalizing these dormant places. In a century that is overwhelmed by image, information and dynamism, it seems particularly important for architects and policy makers to recognize and assume the special role of the creative recovery of forgotten spaces.

Alessandro Rocca, Gennaro Postiglione
MIAW 2014
Re-Forming Milan
isbn 9788862421720
5 / 2016
5 / 2016
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