Growing up among the small houses of a village in the south of Italy, listening to too many stories about journeys of necessity far away from these lands, observing random homecomings, re/crossing the streets you used to play on and where your loved ones called your name to come to the comfort of the house which lets surface a deep sense of days, eternal and never forgotten: these are things that forge more than the thoughts as an adult. In those places, an intense and inner South, I’ve been taught to see the world. In the process of drawing up a possible unconscious for smaller towns of Apennines, without which, actions and real architectures will never follow, it is essential for entrepreneurs, national politicians, local administrators and artists, to take part in, to help and build this future, first in the expectations, then in concrete possible representations.

Nicola Flora, Eleonora Crucianelli
I borghi dell'uomo
Strategie e progetti di ri/attivazione
isbn 9788862421027
12 / 2013
12 / 2013
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