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This book is an open and potentially infinite interdisciplinary atlas of Mediterranean Routes: systems of material or immaterial relationships that somehow leave a trace in the landscape. The Open Atlas aims to put them under observation through different narrative devices that can be true, false or verisimilar, in any case capable of exploring the meaning, nature and myths of the Mediterranean.

MedWays Open Atlas collects research materials developed by different authorsfor the Moses Ricci's “Le Vie del Mediteraneo" project for the Beniamino Segre Interdisciplinary Linceo Center of the Accademia dei Lincei, the Italian National Academy of Sciences.

Mosè Ricci
editors Margherita Pasquali, Silvia Mannocci
Open Atlas
isbn 9788862427357
book series Alleli | Research
number 132
current edition 10 / 2022
first edition 10 / 2022
language English
size 16,5x24cm
pages 1008
print color
binding paperback
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“MedWays Open Athas” – recensione di Mario Pisani
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