Foreword by Jinnai Hidenobu
Afterword by Kuma Kengo

Entropic Tōkyō is a book about the city of Tōkyō. A journey towards understanding a multiform and chaotic metropolis that hides a profound human order. The book proposes a reading of Tōkyō that considers the city as a dynamic system of high complexity, that can be traced to a set of components. It also identifies a connection between the physical world of chaos theory and urban morphology, and tells of the multiple faces of the city (quantitative and qualitative elements of the landscape, physical and socio-cultural concepts) that come into relation by manifesting themselves through the urban fabric. By exploring the dynamic movements that can be discerned in contemporary Tōkyō and the solid structures that underlie its roots, the reader will gain new insights into the exploration of cities, new values that emerge not from their individual components but from their relationships.