Inventing schools. A school as big as the World is a testing platform dedicated to the theme of public schools. Participation in workshops and degree theses creates a common ground for discussion between public administration, students, tutors and teachers to explore scenarios of innovation and modification for the delicate system of educational spaces. The program’s purpose is to encourage dialogue between the School Building Department of the Municipality of Milan and the AUIC School-Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano, offering teachers who deal with the topic the opportunity to work coordinated on agreed case studies.

The replacement of existing buildings, the regeneration and updating of school complexes, and the integration of neighborhood public spaces through urban circuits open to relationships with parks and green systems characterize the design action of “Inventing schools”. The working methods are those typical of research in architecture, in which drawings, sketches, models, and formal suggestions are interwoven with technical verifications and multidisciplinary theoretical and methodological contributions, feeding off each other.