Architecture form(s) identity. Spaces for the absence of memory is a collection of essays on the theme of memory, its possible loss, weakness, ability to build individual and collective identities, and on the way architecture inserts itself in this process, determining different spaces of reflection. These texts all arise from a common research ground, which saw the editors personally involved in an inter-doctoral Workshop (The Memory as Construction of the Subject. Designing for the Absence of Memory, 2018-19), with a collaboration between Politecnico di Milano (AUID) and the Universidad de Sevilla (HAC) Ph.D. schools, in which the theme of memory and the construction of a more holistic space that dialogues with it was at the center of the design reflection. These contributions, all built around that very rich relationship between memory and architecture, have led to a necessary desire to broaden the horizons and thematic limits reached by the workshop, considering them as a starting point for the collection of different perspectives able to investigate some issues in a more specific way.