This book is the staging of a story that tells the conception, development, and construction of an architecture: the Self-Sufficient Housing Module for Cycle Travelers and Walkers (MAACC), self-constructed by the Recyclo student team of the Politecnico di Torino created at the headquarters of the Parco delle Lame del Sesia in Albano Vercellese. The MAACC represents a multidisciplinary in-depth study on the still little-explored theme of architecture dedicated to tourism based on the practice of active mobility. The story uses the structure of a play. Seven “scenes,” separated by six “intervals,” consisting of essays that explore some of the general issues that this experience has brought to light, punctuate a story that also makes use of some “pictures” containing the contributions of the various “actors” involved. The play illustrates a way of teaching which focuses on autonomy, responsibility, and the passion of the students: the real protagonists of this story.


Guido Callegari, Claudia De Giorgi, Chiara L. M. Occelli, Riccardo Palma
MAACC – Self-suficient Housing Module for Cycle Travelers and Walkers
An experience of didactic self-construction of the Politecnico di Torino
isbn 9788862427784
Alleli | Research
2 / 2023
2 / 2023
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