Argot ou La Maison Mobile’s masterplan design for Razi farm in Lankaran is conceived as a multi layered intellectual structure: agronomical efficiency, educational ambitions and landscape enjoyability should interweave in a project that will generate revenues, become an example for Azerbaijan and a cheerful heritage for the owner and his family. Aesthetical decisions have been made, like the large elliptical shapes of the tea plantation, the access axis or the round places in the feijoa, but every choice has been mediated with practical sense, what Columella says is the first quality of a good farmer. The book is organized as a sequence of chronological steps approaching to one of the multiple final images possible, in 10 years. This final report also contains four small essays on how to be inspired in a modular project that is based on forcefully fragmented design and on a plug-in approach: fractals, japanese haiku, the cadavre exquis and the Edo castle are beautiful and different examples on how to work with adaptability and flexibility in size and time.

Luca Astorri, Riccardo Balzarotti, Rossella Locatelli, Matteo Poli
De Re Rustica
Notebook for a permacultural landscape: the design of an 80 hectares farm in Azerbaijan
isbn 9788862428378
Alleli | Research
4 / 2023
4 / 2023
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